Apple is working on Web Push Notifications for iOS and Safari (2023 Update)

The standard for web push notifications (Push API) is now available on iOS and Safari. You can read more about the history of this feature on Safari in this blog post, which has received multiple updates, from the first rumors in 2021 to the release of the feature on iOS in 2023.

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Let’s ask Apple to add Web Push Notifications to iOS

We’ve all been there: you have built a great web app, optimized for mobile, but you have to build a native or hybrid web app just to send push notifications.

Fortunately, thanks to the new standards, like the Push API, Service Workers and Web Notifications, you don’t have to build an app only to have the ability to send push notifications. Now websites can send push notifications directly, even when the user is not surfing the website.

Awesome! The problem is that web push notifications work on Android, but not on iOS!

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