Pushpad SDK Change: one subscription per browser (instead of multiple subscriptions for each uid)

We have made a change to Pushpad in order to make its use more intuitive. Now each device (browser) can have at most one uid (user ID) associated to it. Any new uid will replace the previous one. To reflect this change we have also made changes to the Javascript SDK. In general, you don’t need … Read more

Send notifications in batch with the Push API

APNs an GCM have always provided a way to send notifications in batch.

It would be useful to see this feature for the Push API, which unfortunately doesn’t have it yet, meaning that you have to make an HTTP request for each endpoint. If you want to send a web push notification to N users at a time with a single API request you can still use a service like Pushpad which makes the hard work for you.

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Service worker: importScripts never updates scripts

Pushpad is a service for web push notifications. In order to add push notifications to their websites, our customers need to install the service worker that we provide on their websites.

Initially we just asked customers to copy and paste the whole content of the service worker. However this meant that for every update we made to the script, our customers had to take action.

Then we discovered importScripts

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