Let’s ask Apple to add Web Push Notifications to iOS

We’ve all been there: you have built a great web app, optimized for mobile, but you have to build a native or hybrid web app just to send push notifications.

Fortunately, thanks to the new standards, like the Push API, Service Workers and Web Notifications, you don’t have to build an app only to have the ability to send push notifications. Now websites can send push notifications directly, even when the user is not surfing the website.

Awesome! The problem is that web push notifications work on Android, but not on iOS!

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Send notifications in batch with the Push API

APNs an GCM have always provided a way to send notifications in batch.

It would be useful to see this feature for the Push API, which unfortunately doesn’t have it yet, meaning that you have to make an HTTP request for each endpoint. If you want to send a web push notification to N users at a time with a single API request you can still use a service like Pushpad which makes the hard work for you.

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