Migrate to Pushpad from another service

If you currently use a service different from Pushpad and you want to migrate your existing web push subscribers to Pushpad you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Pushpad dashboard and create a new sender. Then go to the sender settings and update them to match your previous configuration:
    • If you have a GCM API key / GCM sender ID enter them (otherwise leave them blank)
    • If you have a VAPID key pair contact the Pushpad support and we’ll update it for you (otherwise keep the VAPID key pair that Pushpad has generated for you)
    • If you want to support Safari (desktop) enter your APNs certificate and APNs private key
  2. After you have configured your sender, follow the instructions in the Getting started
  3. Download all the web push endpoints from your previous push service, then use the Subscriptions API to import the endpoints to Pushpad (use POST /projects/PROJECT_ID/subscriptions)

Note however that the migration process is not easy and may produce some issues with your push notifications. This is mainly because it is difficult to propagate the update of the service worker to the browsers and this can create some transient failures. Moreover each push service uses its own combination of techniques and is difficult to predict every problem in the transition.

In any case most of the problems that may arise can be solved by telling your users to reset their browser permission.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with the migration process.

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