How to enable (or block) push notifications from your browser preferences

Many browsers can deliver push notifications even when a website is closed. Learn how to choose which websites are allowed to send you push notifications.

Chrome (Desktop & Android) / Firefox (Desktop)

  1. go to the website which you want authorize (or block)
  2. click the green lock icon near the website name in the address bar
  3. under Permissions -> Notifications select your preference from the dropdown

Chrome Website Permissions

Safari (Desktop)

  1. Go to Safari -> Preferences
  2. Go to the Notifications tab
  3. Find the website in the list and change its permission

Safari Notifications Preferences

1 thought on “How to enable (or block) push notifications from your browser preferences”

  1. Samsung S6 requires a deeper dive inside the Setting Menu:
    Setting gear > Notification > Advanced > Chrome > More Settings >(finally) Notification, with eventually a “Vibrate” option.

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